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Claire Giles - Personal Trainer
Burgess Hill
Tel: 07979 525 189
Claire Giles

Thank you to my clients

It has been really fun working out with Claire's help - I really look forward to my PT sessions with her. Claire always introduces new exercises so each week is different!

Best Lucy

Claire was a great help in my training for my upcoming wedding, she was always coming up with new ideas to keep things interesting, and was very encouraging throughout the whole process. I would recommend Claire to anyone, and she definitely made going to the gym fun, rather than a chore.

Thanks Claire, Emily xxxx

Due to me not being confident in going to the gym, Claire was my next step to losing weight and getting fit. She not only made every session different but introduced me to different ways to keeping fit that you can do at home, hence don't need a gym. She also made me feel better about myself especially once the inches started dropping off!!!! WOO HOO.

Thank You - TP

The sessions were fun as well as motivating - they inspired me to continue the healthy eating and simple exercises at home in my own time. You have such a lovely, infectious attitude toward exercise - this, along with the way you conduct the sessions by doing the exercises alongside me really helped me to feel positive and proud of myself. You planned exercise routines to help with my general fitness as well as working on my problem areas - you recorded the details so I could track my progress and I was able to see that I had lost inches off my waist and hips (if not more)!

Hayley Froggatt

Claire Giles